Jubo Karmasangsthan Society

The journey started in 1994. The traditional thought of “someone else will do it”, is in contrary to “as humans we ourselves create our fate” rather than the Creator. Jubo Karmasangsthan Society  started its journey with this belief as its theme. Considering the pros and cons of business and social aspects, an immense work plan was formulated to carry out, implement and control the entire scheme.

On the eve of its journey, this entire scheme was only a thought. But In course of time, all these have turned into reality.

30 massive projects, 40 medium sized projects and 3,000 small sized projects have been carried out in various sectors including university, telecom, media, rubber production, agriculture, facilitating irrigation, seed and fertilizer, food processing, domestic animal farming, fisheries, nursery and hatcheries, various trading. Under these projects, employment opportunities were created for almost 30,000 people. With the help of Vocational Training Center as well as IT Training, more than 60,000 male and female trainees were brought under the short and long-term training courses. Besides developing the professional skills, motivational programs were also included in these training programs in order to enhance the self-employment programs and invigorate the minds of all concerned.

Sister Concerns of Jubo Karmasangsthan Society.

:: Tele Barta Ltd. (Jubok Phone)
:: Lama Rubber Industries Ltd.
:: Jubok Capital Management Ltd.
:: Jubok Hatchery & Nursery Ltd.
:: Jubok Tourism Ltd.
:: Krishi Bangla Ltd.
:: Jubok Medical Services Ltd.
:: Jubok IT Ltd.
:: Jubok Agro-Biotech Ltd.
:: National Television, RTV.
:: Soya Industries Ltd.
:: Jubok Ceramic Industries Ltd.
:: Jubok Vocational Training Centre
:: Jubok Training Academy
:: Techno Link Overseas Ltd.
:: Victoria University Bangladesh  
:: Eastern University  
:: East Asia Distribution Ltd.
:: Unique Stock Management Ltd.
:: Unique Boot & Tarpaulin Industries Ltd.
:: Rajshahi Agro-Fisheries Complex (Pvt.) Ltd.
:: Swift Travels Ltd.
:: Jalalabad Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
:: Swift Regenerated Leather Complex Ltd.
:: Addhayan Shishu Academy.
:: Women Enterprenurs Academy.
:: Natural Family Planning Project
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